Who Are We?

Rhino Horn Trade Africa (RHTA) is a rhino horn trade desk initiative started by the Private Rhino Owners Association (PROA). This initiative is in response to the uplifting of a moratorium on rhino horn trade confirmed by the Constitutional Court on 5 April 2017 making trade in rhino horn legal in South Africa once again.


RHTA is an entity created to provide a legal, managed and efficient market place for the sale of legal, humanely acquired rhino horn to approved buyers.


The primary objective of RHTA is the long-term survival of the rhinoceros. The sale of rhino horn will enable those entrusted with custody and protection of the rhinoceros to utilise the funds acquired from the sale of the horn to better protect and safeguard the lives of the existing rhino population.


RHTA represents the interests of those participating members of PROA, and other established organisations and individuals, who have legal permits to own rhino and/or rhino horn. For these entities RHTA provides a legal and convenient avenue to sell surplus horn.


It is the task of RHTA to ensure that any horn offered for sale is “clean”, humanely acquired horn from an approved and sustainable source. The supply of “clean” horn to the market is in preference to the market being supplied with horn harvested by illegal, gruesome poaching practices.


RHTA will ensure that all existing legislation regarding the transfer of legally acquired rhino horn is strictly adhered to and that both sellers and buyers are known to RHTA and the relevant authorities.

Ark Raleigh

Ark Raleigh (Pty) Ltd is a limited private company expressly established to facilitate the legal sale of rhino horn within the ambit of existing legislation. Ark Raleigh’s operational activities are overseen by Dreadnought Capital which has extensive experience in financial markets and financial exchanges.


Financial Intelligence Centre (FIC) requirements and systems will be supplied and overseen by Intrepid Capital, which is a member of the Johannesburg Stock Exchange and an authorised financial services provider.


Ark Raleigh trades under the trading name of Rhino Horn Trade Africa or RHTA.