Private Rhino Owners Association (PROA)

The Private Rhino Owners Association (PROA) is a voluntary association with general members and a non-profit organisation that promotes the conservation, protection and proliferation of all species of rhino on private land in South Africa and the rest of Africa.


There are approximately 330 private game reserves is South Africa that cover an area of over 2 million hectares. These reserves are exceptionally important in terms of creating little pockets of indigenous bushveld and natural ecosystems and habitats for many species of wildlife (various mammals, birds, plants and insects) that thrive alongside rhinos. Collectively, these private reserves are home to about 35% of South Africa’s rhinos (approximately 6 300 rhinos). It is crucial that the voices and opinions of private rhino owners are considered in the ongoing global rhino poaching crisis. Most of these private rhino owners are members of PROA.


With specific reference to rhinos and private owners of rhinos, PROA promotes the following principles:


► Biodiversity management

► Sustainable use

► Ecotourism

► Security, legal compliance and law enforcement

► Self-regulation and administration

► Ethical hunting

► Environmental education and training

► Scientific research and support


Along with ongoing endeavours to eradicate rhino poaching, PROA is also dedicated to promoting the establishment and maintenance of a national database of rhino and rhino-related information, subject to the protection of confidential information of private rhino owners.


PROA will engage with all governmental departments as well as any non-governmental organisations to promote the interests of rhinos and private rhino owners.

For further information or a membership application, please email RhinoAlive at