How the Trade Desk Works

On 5 April 2017 the Constitutional Court upheld a series of court decisions which confirmed the setting aside of the moratorium on rhino horn trading in South Africa in 2015.  Since then the regulated trade in rhino horn in South Africa has been legal.  Such trade will be facilitated by the trade desk of Rhino Horn Trade Africa (RHTA).


The RHTA trade desk is an online facility that will enable the now legal buying and selling of “clean” rhino horn between permit holding, qualified sellers and qualified buyers.  All participants in the process will be validated using NEMBA, TOPS and FICA requirements.  Both buyers and sellers will be required to register with RHTA prior to participating in the sales process and will only be deemed registered once all requirements have been received and confirmed by the RHTA team.  Only qualified buyers and sellers will be able to participate in the online sales process which includes viewing of horns and their details for sale, prior sales information and the ability to buy and sell.


On confirmation of qualification by RHTA, sellers will be able to submit horn for sale.  All horn submitted by sellers will be verified prior to being receipted into storage for sale.  The primary factor in validation of “clean” rhino horn is a DNA profiling process. Any horn not verified must be sampled and validated prior to being accepted into the sales process.  Only horn with all the required permits and documentation will be offered for sale.  This process will ensure that no “blood” horn can be laundered via the RHTA trade desk.  Details of horn for sale will be provided in the restricted, trade section of the website.


On confirmation of qualification by RHTA which includes the payment of a deposit, buyers will be able to view horn consignments and applicable prices. A buyer who is interested in purchasing a consignment will be able to reserve it online.  Prior to taking possession of the horn, a buyer will be required to obtain the necessary permits and pay the full consideration.


The RHTA team will assist buyers and sellers in obtaining the necessary permits from the relevant authorities.  The RHTA team will also be able to assist buyers and sellers in transporting arrangements for their horn to and from a secure storage facility.


The RHTA trade desk will comply with all existing legislation and be subjected to an audit by independent auditors on an annual basis.

Proceeds from the sale of “clean” rhino horn will go the custodians and owners of rhino after a portion has been set aside for rhino conservation.


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